Johnny Jetpack Propulsion Labs

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this thing really fly?

This is our most frequently asked question . "Yup" is our frequent answer, but the real truth is that the word "fly" does not adequately describe what happens to Johnny. Perhaps the terms "attempts to pass on to the heavens and dances upside down in the sky" would be more descriptive.

What powers that thing?

Also a very frequently asked question and often asked while we are setting up Johnny. If we are in the process of fueling the Jetpack, we answer "Anahydrous Hydrazine and fuel oil". Since the fueling process is interesting looking and colorful, this answer usually makes them back up.

The truth is the propellant is just plain old water and food coloring. Compressed COČ provides the force to eject the water, providing upward thrust. Gravity powers the return trip.

Why do you do this?

There are a number of reasons why Johnny gets launched. My favorite reason for a Johnny Jetpack launch is that, for me the combination of all the tension created from working for weeks on preparing all the apparatus and seeing him streak straight up into the sky (at which instant I do not know what will happen next) is a thrilling, emotional and spiritually uplifting experience.

How high does it go?

± 92 ft.

Why does Johnny look so much like his creator?

Because he was a footling breach and the umbilical chord was wrapped around his neck... the puppet.

What's he made out of?

Johnny the pilot is made mostly of Mylar and cloth with a wire framework. The Jetpack is made of wooden dowels, soda bottles, fiber tape and specialized tubing. For more information see description and schematic diagram.

Does it have a parachute?

The Jet Pack has a parachute. Johnny doesn't.

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