Johnny Jetpack Propulsion Labs

Preparation for Burning Man 2007

Photos from the lab early August 2007. Look for these innovations and many more at the Cirque de Flambe camp at Esplanade & 5:00 at Burning Man 2007.

The blades of the new "Wind Generator"

The "Wind Generator" in operating position - on the playa it will be mounted on a support that looks sort of like an oil derrick with a generator and other hardware at the base to convert the wind power to electricity

This image (shot in a basement with a crappy old digital camera) doesn't begin to do justice to the amazing new "Traffic Director Suit"

Early sketch of the "Traffic Director Suit"

Shorts, leggings, and tasteful shoes complete the "Traffic Director" ensemble

The sublimely beautiful "Jesus Light"

Colorful shadows created as the "Jesus Light" illuminates part of the exoskeleton of "The Scorpion"

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