Johnny Jetpack Propulsion Labs

Schematic (how it works)

1. Pin that holds lever bracket in place is pulled out with cord.

2. Lever bracket flips down; separates and allows rubber cork out of nozzle.

3. Rubber cork is forced out by pressure and propellant is released.

4. Propellant is forcibly driven out by compressed air in soda bottles providing upward thrust by Newton's third law of motion.

5. The pressure drops as air in soda bottles is routed through tubes and couplings kept to drive out propellant.

6. Parachute ejection device senses drop in pressure and ejects parachute.

7. Parachute is deployed for Jetpack only.

8. Absence of parachute trips release cable to spring tube.

9. Spring tube pulls chords and releases 10, 11, and 12.

10. Pilot to Jetpack connection is released.

11. Hands are released from handle bars.

12. "Instant mess" cap is released creating large cloud of cattails.

13. "Instant mess" container creates pull on head base connection and pilots head flies off.

14. Cord attached to Jetpack releases trigger clamp as pilot-Jetpack separation occurs.

15. Trigger clamp releases air in air lines.

16. Compressed air in soda bottles in hollow puppet chest operate pneumatic arms.

17. Pneumatic arms flail hopelessly and helplessly as headless pilot plummets earthward.

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